new york home loans
new york home loans
Get the home loan that fits your cash flow needs with the Equity Builder Loan.

Set your own attractive, low monthly payments so you can :

  • Pay off high-interest credit card debt
  • Make home improvements
  • Invest for your retirement
  • Save for a large expense such as a college tuition or a wedding
  • Build your savings nest egg
  • Pay down the large the student loan

Your monthly payments will be divided in half and paid every two weeks. The loan is re-amortized every 14 days! This is a true bi-weekly loan. You will own your home years sooner save a fortune in interest over the life of the loan compared to similar 30-year monthly-payment adjustable rate mortgage.

Call us and we will calculate for you, depending in the size of the loan, just how much you could save with the Equity Builder Loan.

Call 1-800-398-3409 for a free consultation

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new york home loans
new york home loans

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